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Dimensions: All dimensions on this site are approximates.

Personal injuries

Gutter Protector gutter guards is a product easily installed, however we recommend having it installed by a trade’s person / handy Man. We will not accept any responsibility for any injuries that occur during any installations, removal or maintenance of Gutter Protector gutter guards.

Fire retardant

Gutter Protector gutter guards has a built in fire retardant making it a self extinguishing product. It has been CSIRO tested to AS/NZS 1530.3:1999, However it is only suitable for normal suburban environment as it does not meet any of the BAL bush fire prone areas standards.

Gutter Protector Australia does not accept any responsibility for Gutter Protector gutter guards being used in an area where it does not meet that area’s bush fire ratings, standards, or regulation.


Gutter Protector Gutter Guards contains a built in biocide that prevents the growth of most weeds, however in some suburban environments a build up of fine debris can sometimes occur, this will not prevent water flowing into your gutters but can cause some weeds to grow in the fine debris and if that occurs, then the gutter guard should be cleaned out.

Gutter Protector Australia does not accept any responsibility for weeds growing in the gutter guards if fine debris has left to build up.