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Testimonial for foam gutter leaf guards

What an easy gutter guard to install, I’ve installed it about 4 weeks ago and it’s working brilliantly, Thank you Gutter Protector.
— S.Megarra, Rockhampton, QLD

I have installed gutter protector in my gutters, the best decision I have made, I was getting sick and tired of having to remove bolted down mesh to get rid of small trees.
— J.Garret, Wantirna, Vic

I found gutter protector to be one of the easiest gutter guards to install.

I must admit I have used this type of product before from another company, worked well but it only had a uv resistance coating, which soon wore off and the foam fell apart.

gutter protector claims to have the uv resistance added in the mix during production and will last for the lifespan of the product, it makes sense and I’m giving it another go.
— P.Burgess, Geelong, Vic

Very happy with the product, installed my whole house under 2 hours, great customer service and support.
— G.Portino, Enfield

I have done a lot of research before spending any money on gutter guards and I believe that gutter protector would have to be the best gutter guard around.

it makes sense the material is actually made for water filtration, not just a metal plate with holes in it and the beauty about it is, you can’t see it from ground level, not like that ugly mesh I had before.
— S. Hickleton, Belmont, WA

Re: Gutter Protector
Living in a bushfire prone area of the Adelaide Hills for the past 18 years, with nearby trees constantly dropping leaves into my roof gutters, I am very aware of the need to keep roof gutters clean. I have tried a variety of measures to keep my gutters clear of debris over that time, particularly those section that are connected to my rainwater tanks.

Prior to installing Gutter Protector, the most effective strategy was to climb onto the roof at regular intervals with my trusty blower and plastic trowel. leaves accumulated around and under all other forms of gutter guard I tried.

I’m now in my late 60’s and have been warned off roof climbing.

A family member recently installed 20 metres of Gutter Protector for me on my worst affected gutters. I was so pleased with the results that I have now ordered a further 30 metres of the product to complete the job.

Gutter Protector is easy to install. very reasonably priced, compared with other forms of gutter guards and most effective.

It’s provided peace of mind. I’m so glad I used Gutter Protector
— S. Vaughan, SA

Great product, great service.

I installed gutter protector myself in about 3 hours, it was quite easy to install, I also tested it with a large bucket of water and it just flowed straight through the gutter guards.

Looks nice and neat, very happy with the results.
— R. Johnstone, QLD

I recently purchased and installed gutter protector guards after it was recommended to me by a neighbour, my neighbour has had them in his gutter for about 12 months with no problems, I found them very easy to install.
— M. Feruger, Vic
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