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Is Gutter Protector Gutter Guard easy to install ?
Yes, there is no need for drilling into your roof or Gutter, no need for screws or use of messy silicone, so will not void roof or Gutter warranty. Gutter Protector takes a quarter of the time to install than most other gutter guards, making Gutter Protector The No 1 choice by roofing contractors and DIY.

Is Gutter Protector Gutter Guard easy to remove?
Yes, unlike other types of Gutter Protection that needs to have the tiles lifted, or have the gutter protection unscrewed and the silicone seal cut out, Gutter Protector just pulls straight out and goes straight back in.

is Gutter Protector Gutter Guard visible from the street?
No, Gutter Protector sits firmly inside your gutter, so are not visible from street level,

Does it matter what type of roof I have?
No, Gutter Protector are suitable for all types of tiled and colorbond roofs.

How long have foam inserts been around for?
Gutter Protector Gutter Guards has been installed in thousands of homes across the USA, Canada and parts of Europe with great success for the last ten years. Has also been one of the most talk about products on American talk shows.

Will the sun damage Gutter Protector Gutter Guards ?
No, Gutter Protector, has a UV resistant formula added to the mix during production, so it can not wash or wear out and will remain in the product for its life span, unlike other foam filters and Gutter Filters that have the UV added to the surface after production, described as a coating. BEWARE a coating will wear out.

Have Gutter Protector Gutter Guard been fire tested?
Yes, Gutter Protector contains fire retardant that is added to the mix during production and has been CSIRO tested to Australian Standard flammability test AS1530-3-1999.

Will moss or seeds grow in Gutter Protector Gutter Guard?
No, unlike some other mesh foam inserts, Gutter Protector has had biocide added to the mix during production, making it mold, mildew and moss resistant and will also prevent seeds from growing.

Can strong winds blow Gutter Protector Gutter Guard out of the gutter?
No, Gutter Protector fits snugly into the gutter locking in the front lip of you Gutter and under the roof edge.

Does Gutter Protector Gutter Guard hold water weighing down the Gutter?
No, Gutter Protector is made from a high quality polyether foam, which has had its cell structure modified converting it into a foam mesh, which is extremely porous, so can not absorb or hold water, making it an extremely efficient water and leaf filter, giving you Gutter Protection at it’s best.

Does hot weather affect Gutter Protector Gutter Guard?
No, Gutter Protector will continue to perform at it’s peak in all types of extreme weather conditions, it can withstand extreme heat and cold temperatures and torrential rains, making it an ideal Gutter Guard for all Australian harsh weather conditions.

Does Gutter Protector Gutter Guard need to be cleaned?
Generally leaves will blow away once they are dry, however it is recommended a regular inspection be carried out as build up of fine debris in some areas can occur, this will not stop water flowing into your gutters, but can cause some weeds to grow in the debris, if weeds to start to grow in the debris the gutter guard will have to be cleaned out.