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leaf Guard Product Information




    • How to stop leaves blocking your gutters. Gutter Protector leaf guards¬†are a specialized mesh foam system that has had its cell structure modified converting it into a foam mesh, allowing enormous amount of water to pour through, eliminating any chance of clogging, or water rolling back towards the back of the gutter and dripping down your wall. It also contains a built in UV stabilizer to prevent damage from the Australian sun.


Benefits over other systems currently on the Market.

Most Metal and plastic leaf guards are about 3mm thick and perforated allowing pine needles in, as well as seeds into your gutters. These have the potential to germinate and grow into small trees and weeds in your gutters. To remove remove your gutter garden is a process – timely and costly. You will need to unscrew the gutter mesh from the roof and gutter, the silicone seal and thoroughly clean your gutters. To replace, you will need to screw it all back on and reseal with silicone, until the next lot of seeds grow.

Gutter Protector leaf guards eliminates all of the above, Gutter Protector contains a built in biocide that has been added in the mix during production and will prevent the growth of moss, mildew, mould and most important of all, it will prevent seeds from growing in your gutters. However if you ever have a need to remove a section of Gutter Protector gutter leaf guard, just pull it straight out and put it straight back in. Easy to install – DIY


What gutters will it fit?

  • All Low and most hi front 115 & 125 Quad gutters
  • S gutters
  • 125 & 115 OG gutters
  • 115 hiten OG gutters
  • quarter round and half round gutters
  • HK gutters
  • Ovolo gutters

leaf guard Gutter Protector will fit all other gutters with in these measurements:

Side A must be in between 65mm & 97mm.
Side B must be in between 110mm & 145mm.
Please see diagram below for reference of Side A & B.