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6 Roof Maintenance Tips You Can Do During the Summer

The summer season brings with it a scorching sun, hail storms, heavy rains, and high winds that can be potentially damaging to your roof. Good thing there are easy maintenance steps you can take to prepare your home for the rest of this season, like installing gutter guards. While it might seem like an awfully long period, the summer months are actually the best time to get your home in great shape. 

If we think it through, fall beats summer when it comes to debris during seasons. But this does not mean that debris won’t accumulate on your roof during the summer months. So, make sure to get your roof and gutter system cleaned this sunny season. 

Here are easy maintenance tips you can do during the summer to protect your property. 

1. Start by carrying out an inspection.

Yes, most of the debris tends to pile up in the gutter. However, this does not guarantee that your roof is in great shape with or without debris in your gutters. Start your maintenance routine by checking if there is any missing or broken shingle or a loose bolt. 

A loose bolt or broken shingle in your roof means you and your family would have to deal with rainwater dripping from your ceiling. Also, be on the lookout for cupping or curling shingles and take pictures of them so you can compare their condition the next time you carry out an inspection. 

If you spot too many buckled shingles, you have to do something about it. This is a clear sign of wear and tear. Be careful when inspecting your roof from the ladder as one wrong step can lead to even more damage to your roof. 

2. Free your gutters and downspouts from all debris.

You might notice tree leaves and small twigs blocking your roof drainage when you inspect your roof in the summer. These leaves and twigs are the remains of the winter and fall season. Make sure to have them all cleaned up in the summer. 

Leaves, sticks, and all other debris can clog your gutters during periods of heavy rain. When the summer storm comes, they can accumulate in the drains and lead to an overflow on your gutters. They may even cause a leaky roof. 

Your gutters and downspouts are integral parts of your roof as they control the flow of rainwater to the ground. With all those debris, they can’t serve their purpose. So, wash off all the dirt in your gutters and downspouts and get rid of any debris you see. 

3Check for algae, mould, or moss growth.

As the summer season brings rain and humidity, algae growth becomes unavoidable. With water accumulating, algae, mould, and moss tend to grow on your roof and can cause shingles to crack and curl over time. Not only do they affect the overall aesthetic appearance of your roof, but they can also cause structural harm. 

Case in point: moss holds water and releases moisture. This causes your roof to rot later on. Therefore, algae, mould, and moss should be removed as soon as you spot them on your roof. 

If you want to go for an environmentally friendly option, you can use potassium salts to kill off moss and install copper strips or gutter guards to inhibit its growth. When dealing with mould and algae, you can use a pressure washer to eliminate them. The wrong pressure washer can wash off essential elements to your roof, so be careful while pressure washing all those mould and algae away. 

4Replace broken or missing shingles. 

Walking on broken shingles while inspecting your roof can result in further damage. So, if you spot any damaged or missing shingle after cleaning your roof, the next step you should do is replace them. Do take note, however, that you have to be careful when doing this. 

When you place new shingles over old ones and use the wrong nails, this can lead to even more serious roof damage. This is because the wrong shingle could easily crack, fade, and even grow algae, moss, and mould. Moreover, small patchwork repairs may impact the overall structural integrity of your roof. 

For this reason, many homeowners hire professional roofers to inspect and replace damaged shingles. If you have never done this before, your best bet is to contact a professional roofing company. 

5. Trim those tree limbs.

Although trees make your home look aesthetically pleasing, they can sometimes present a potential hazard. During summer storms, overhanging tree branches for instance may break off, causing damage to your property or injury to a member of your family. 

Be sure to cut down overhanging tree limbs to prevent any accidents during windy or rainy weather. Also, remember that leaves and weak branches will all end up in the gutter and drains. The last thing you want is having to deal with a leaky roof and overflowing downspouts. 

Apart from summer storms, you have to prepare for threats of bushfires as well. It only takes a single spark landing in overhanging tree limbs and a gutter system full of dry leaves to cause a fire. Trimming those tree limbs is a preventive measure against bushfire, so make sure you don’t gloss over this step. 

6Replace loose gutters and install leaf filters.

Gutters that have not been cleaned for a long time pose a lot of threats to your property. For instance, animals use the leaves and twigs in dirty gutters as their nests. With a heavy accumulation of all kinds of debris, your gutters will eventually bend and sag and pull away from your house. 

If you have noticed your gutters sagging, then it is time to have them replaced. This is to retain your roof’s structural integrity. 

It also pays to install a leaf filter in your gutter system . With a leaf guard filtering leaves, dust, dirt and all kinds of debris, you can prevent clogging in your gutters. You won’t have to worry about debris making its way into your gutters during summer storms. 

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